Thursday, 10 July 2014

Pre-Production: Cogmans roughs to final concept!

Hello world!  Well here it goes, this is my first blog.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for creating the character  Cogman, you will find many different iterations and colour variants of both his costume and his physique.

The image above is the complete version of Cogman from sketch to final painted image. I would love to have animated in the sketched style but I fear it would have taken forever!

This is the turn around used for animating Cogman's every move, it is also the direct follow-up to the development images above.

Here are just some of the different colour variants looked at when creating Cogman, the aim of the colour work was to keep him friendly and likable. Number 2 was chosen for the pallete, however the style was a mix of  numbers 3/4.

This is a selection of sketches showing the different proportions and character variants of Cogman, Number 4 was the first ever drawing of Cogman and if you look closely I have almost gone full circle with the final image.

Here are some of the alternate costume designs for Cogman, as you can see there are quit a few to choose from including just pants! no.11 (my personal favorite). All made from various animal skins including lizard & wolf? The final toga design was no.3.
This is some very early character proportion work, just trying to get a feel of how I wanted Cogman to look. The final choice was no.7 I chose this because he looks bored and a little lazy with these proportions, which is exactly how I imagined him to be!

I hope this has given you a little insight into the work that has gone into developing the games main character.



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