Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Video: How to Post on Blogger

Hello Everyone,

Its been a while since I have posted so you will have to forgive me while I dust off the cobwebs... This post actually came about when I realised that our lead artist - Mr Rosslehoff has no idea how to post on the internet let alone blogger. This lead to me creating a little video just for him to view but I thought its educational so why not just make it apply to anyone who needs guidance. I will warn you right now that this post will also educate a little so please read the whole post before going to the video... Yes that is aimed at you Ross...

Now I am assuming that you have forgotten what I told you before (this is aimed at Ross btw) so let me reiterate. You are probably thinking where is the video... Right? Well as I told you before its best to save on loading times if we don't post massive blog posts which would otherwise increase the loading time of the main page. For situations where you have more then 2 images you should insert a "jump break" into your blogger post generally below the second image which is what I have done here... To enter the post simply click "Click to Read More >>" at the bottom.

What is a jump break?

A jump break just divides the content of a post only showing till the cut-off point. In the image above you can see a grey line which was generated based on where I put my text cursor. By doing this I have defined where I need the post to break so it will only show up until the second paragraph. This also generates the "Click to Read More>>" button on the post exterior (blog home page). This will ultimately keep our home page clean with home content kept to a minimum with the option for our audience to view a certain post at their leisure.

Preperation for a little HTML coding.

The image above shows the blogger post banner if you are posting you are looking at it already. You will notice a compose and HTML twin box. I usually jump between these, loading in everything in compose and jumping to HTML just to resize images and centre them. I will cover this in the video somewhat so please do pay attention. Its not complicated and ultimately it will make our blog look more professional if we don't have images blowing out of the layout etc. I also find it nice to add the basic <center></center> tag to keep images centralized to the post.

Everything you have seen in this post will not take long to learn and after a couple of posts you will probably be doing it automatically anyway. The more you do it the better you will become and it also means I will not have to clean up the posts after. Our blog template is a strict 500 width pixel area which means images can be bigger but you will have to resize them for the blog template... If people want to see it bigger and you have loaded it through blogger it should link them to the larger version of 500 width is not enough. I hope you understand and please let me know if you don't...

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