Friday, 13 June 2014

Pre-Production: AOC Influence Maps

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For anyone who does not know what we have in store for you with "The Adventures of Cogman" this post will give you a background. Cogman has gone through many iterations across genres to educational and back. This is when we decided to start having fun with the idea a little more then we considered before. Archibald Gogglestein (previously a time traveling professor) is now an actor in the 1960's. After a spell of questionable film roles he is about to make his big break playing the role of "Cogman" in "the Adventures of Cogman" (AOC).

Above is a row of jungle themed costumes for some of our cast. The first shows Caveman costumes some cheap some otherewise. The second shows gorilla suits (for the irate ape costume). Next are Monkey costumes for our Monkey cast "The Dee Dums" who are just hazardous on set. Last but not least is the shop bat a guy who sells "Dodgy" stuff in the game. Bear in mind that these are costumes for actors in the production of "the Adventures of Cogman". This means that almost anything can happen on set while the game is taking place.

The Prop array of influence maps got broken down into 3 sections that being "Film Production", "Jungle" & "Interactive". The film production props can be seen but not interacted with they are mostly background. Dormant Jungle props can be seen and in some cases can be used they are mostly background. Interactive Props have properties in the production for example cardboard animals are going to be used in certain instances instead of actual bad guys. They can damage Cogman in the production but not Archy G outside of the production. Its to be blamed on the films budgetary issues

Next comes a snippet of the enemy roster. We will be using animatronic creatures for certain boss/lieutenant fights. Animatronics can look cheesy and even malfunction as a fight goes on. In these instances you could have any number of on the spot creative decisions from the productions directors. We have also looked into actual animal enemies such as the "Dee Dums" which are real monkeys on set who misbehave and do whatever they want. However, most of the enemy roster will probably be actors in costume particularly the low level cave men.

Next we have sheets based on actual behind the scenes shots of working productions so we know what to portray around our jungle world. By understanding this we could have moments in game where people see the green screen for example. Set blemishes could be anywhere, you could have a fire exit hidden behind a mass of forest shrubbery. We could even have Caution wet floor signs, junction boxes for the studios power or even tears in the backdrop showing a prop guy eating a bagel behind the scene. This is the deconstruction of film/television production in a game, just like Sega's 1994 game "Dynamite Headdy" was the deconstruction of puppet productions in a game.

As far as style goes that has been a much more direct attack with our main influence based on E. We do still want the fun of Castle Crashers running the battle mechanics of the gameplay. We do picture that this being very story focused but would like to give a fun battle experience. This style sheet is also only focused on our vertical slice level "Tanglewood Forest". From there we have a few ideas where to go but we won't be going there until this level has been approved by the money men. We are set on this direction now, there will be no further alterations to the Cogman IP.

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