Saturday, 7 June 2014

Archy's Diary: I Got The Role Of "Cogman"

Well here goes nothin.

I generally don't see the point of expressing words without some form of physical action but as my agent tells me sometimes "you gotta write to get paid". This was no doubt a push by the directors of my new outing "The Adventures of Cogman". It's kind of cheeky really, here I am an action icon and these people think my internal monologue needs "refinement" dare they. I don't have an attitude problem, they are the ones with the problem.

I had to stand in the same spot for 5 hours last week holding a rubber dodo staring at a plastic snake just so the artist they hired could draw the promotional artwork for the film. Don't get me wrong it looks okay I guess I just don't see why this bloke couldn't draw the scene without me there. Personally I can't believe I have to work with Crane again, he's such a boring guy to talk to and he has some kind of fascination with me... This film had better be worth all of the pain.

This is the company that are fronting this film. Looks a little too modern for my tastes but the film concept itself is most defiantly in my wheelhouse. I've met the art director already a... Ross Castlemay he told me how to stand for the poster art... as if I need direction. Anyone would think I'm the amateur here, has he not seen my accomplishments? I can only hope that the film director appreciates the talent in the room it certainly isn't appreciated by the rest of the staff.

That being said the director did write me a respectable letter apologizing for his absence. Not too sure what I think about the staff... I mean who can't handle a little accident here and there, its acting and you have to be able to adapt if you want to be the best. On another note "Vandepeer?" I thought this guy was British. I can't be dealing with no Dutch language barrier, we had that in "The Preacher" I couldn't understand a word... I just did my own thing no matter how mad he got.

As if things were not interesting enough after the shoot the Ross showed me some of the original concept behind the film. He sent me an image just so I could see the origins of the character in a little more detail. If you ask me this "Cogman" looks nothing like a hero, I really do not see where they are going with this but I'm guessing there's a catch. I just hope this isn't a mistake for my career, I am in my prime there's no more "Henchman No. 5" gig's for ol Archy G.

Well I'm done ranting, I guess I'll post more as the project develops.

Yours Truly. 
Archy G

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